Our products have character!
If you have an idea, we have a way to bring it to life, it's all possible with our knowledge!

Here you can find only a small part of our products.

The combination of multiple machines and processes we can create a very large range of products and in this way to create something completely new and unique.

Hardcover Books

Making automatic hardcover in several types of materials, folding, sewing from small to big formats, adding the ribbon tape and capital as necessary.

The Hard cover can be made from several materials at the same time, from plain plastic materials, fabrics to the most expensive skin, with the possibility of adding a UV varnish, hot stamping in multiple colors and embossing techniques.

Soft cover Books

Making automatic soft cover books in many types of materials.

That includes folding , sewing if is required, automatic inserting the binder machine, very qualitiy spin back.

Spiral binding

It can be used to produce notebooks, folders or calendars in multiple formats and with the possibility of supplements or additional.

In addition, we provide the service of making advertising material, soft folders, business cards, letterheads, flyers, posters, digital printing and boxes.


Creating folders in multiple dimensions, soft material or cardboard up to 4 mm, the needs may be with UV varnish, gilt, embossing, matte or glossy coating, metal rivets and elastic tape.

Promotional material, soft folders, business cards, letterheads, flyers, posters, digital printing, boxes.