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Design as the most important part of creating products is very important for us, it's key to success of the new product.

To create a conceptual design takes a lot of experience of using cutting-edge tools for design, such as Adobe and Corel Draw. It needs a two-way communication with the client for a clearer target setting.


Pre-press for us is a very important start of the production process, do the guidelines in which direction the product has to go, quality preparation is a prerequisite for a quality product.

According to the standard ISO9000 of Quality of preparation is a process that is fully standardized in order to avoid the possibility that the product differs from the conceptual design.

Printing process

High-quality prints in B2 and B3 format, constant checks the color intensity and its relationship always guarantee the same desired effect.

Digital printing, which is used for high-speed requirements or smaller circulations.


Our company is famous in the region in this area, finishing products and semi-finished products.

• Folding all formats with the endless possibilities of the pass.
• Automatic sheets recollection with 18 stations.
• Hot and cold laminating
• UV partial and total varnishing.
• Scoring and perforation.
• Punching.
• Gold print and embossing.
• Automatic production of hard cover normal and multipart, the possibility of the addition of sponge and rounded corners.
• Automatic bookbinding machine for soft covers books.
• Automatic preparation hardcover.
• Sewing normal and large formats.
• Sewing line.
• Automatic cutting cloth and leather.
• Spiral connection.
• Packing, labeling, marking.